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Traditional dance from South Sulawesi is gandrang bulo

Written By Syahrullah Syam on Selasa, 29 November 2011 | Selasa, November 29, 2011

Gandrang Bulo, originally just a simple dance similar to folk dances without a layout the motion raw style of the royal palace. This dance is a dance typical Makassar to the accompaniment of gendang beat and violins, rang merrily along with typical song Makassar like Sumbang Kacayya. Besides easy danced, dance supplies are also fairly simple, just use a small bamboo. Some dancers use two pieces of bamboo about the size of seven inches, clipped in such a way between his fingers, then ditetakkan until delivery noise is very distinctive yet suggestive. Half the other dancers bring two pieces of bamboo which has been deliberately broken and chopped on the edges. When the bamboo strips are pitted, then the sound will be "prapak pak pak pak, pak pak pak prapak", the sound that evokes adrenaline dancers and spectators.

Dance gandrang bulo it forward movement of the hand and foot with a quick tempo, lively and energetic as if there is no standard motion procedures. Gandrang bulo dance symbolizes the character of the Bugis - Makassar, in each of the gender perspective. Bugis character - a hard and firm Makkassar is only found in males, whereas in women the opposite. They tend to look elegant, supple and motherhood. Hence it is not uncommon, men from other tribes seeking female companion of life of the Bugis - Makassar. then the reasonable thing, if Gandrang Bulo dance that is played by men further highlight the fast movement and high tempo.

Gandrang Bulo, folk art which combines elements of music, dance and critical dialogue nan hilarious. At first Gandrang Bulo actually just a dance accompanied by gendang. Over time the dance is accompanied by all the songs witty, humorous dialogue but full of criticism and added gestures that invite laughter. Sometimes too tucked Se'ru  Dance or Pepe pepeka ri makka dance who often appeared in various stage performances alone, but by people around still he is known as part of the show Gandrang Bulo. Bulo Gandrang groups in South Sulawesi can still be found in various places such as Gowa, Makassar, Maros, and Takalar. Gandrang Bulo, a village where artists are free to express their everyday problems.

When the colonial period, Gandrang Bulo transformed not just dance, but the power struggle with the spirit of mocking and laughing at the invaders and their lackeys. Gandrang Bulo, when it was, then become a very popular folk art. People and artists establish new bases of resistance of the stage. 
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